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Bitcoin production roars back in China despite Beijing’s ban on crypto mining

Bitcoinminers aren’t giving up in China despite Beijing’s ban on the practice.

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Investors withdraw over $7 billion from tether, raising fresh fears about stablecoin’s backing

Investors have withdrawn more than $7 billion from tether since it briefly dropped from its dollar peg, raising fresh questions about the reserves underpinning the world’s largest stablecoin.

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$3 billion in bitcoin was sold in a last-ditch attempt to save UST stablecoin from collapse

Investors have been eager to find out what happened to the $3 billion in bitcoin bought up by crypto firm Terra to back its failed stablecoin. Now, they’ve got their answer.

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Terraform Again Halts Blockchain Behind UST Stablecoin, Luna

The blockchain behind the collapsed TerraUSD stablecoin and the affiliated Luna token stopped processing new transactions for the second time in less than a day.

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Bitcoin drops below $27,000 level as crypto sell-off continues

Bitcoin dropped below the $27,000 level as a recent sell-off in the cryptocurrency space continues.

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Controversial stablecoin UST — which is meant to be pegged to the dollar — plummets below 40 cents

The two main tokens from embattled crypto project Terra are now in freefall.

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Coinbase CEO Predicts One Billion Crypto Users Within a Decade

Within a decade, 1 billion people will have used or tried crypto, up from about 200 million currently, Coinbase Global Inc,. Chief Executive Officer Brian Armstrong said at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday.

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Bitcoin jumps to $40,000 after Fed chair Powell rules out bigger rate hikes

The price of bitcoin climbed about 6% Wednesday after the Federal Reserve raised rates by half a point —the biggest hike in about 20 years — as expected.

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‘Super App’ for Crypto? Startup Attracts Top Backers to Make One

The idea of a super app first took off in China, where WeChat is used for everything from sharing photos to hailing a taxi. A U.K. startup pledges to bring that concept to cryptocurrencies.

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Grayscale to Expand Into Europe’s Competitive Crypto-Fund Market

Grayscale Investments LLC, which runs an almost $30 billion Bitcoin trust, is getting ready to expand into Europe, according to Chief Executive Officer Michael Sonnenshein. 

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